New!, patented magnetic levitation device from South Korea, designed to effectively isolate loudspeakers and all audio and video components.

Practical to use and fairly priced Spike Sound-Will floaters are available in three weight capacities of 5~10 kgs (10~20 lbs), 10~20 kgs (20~40 lbs.) and 20 ~ 40 kgs (40~70lbs).

They are packaged in sets of four and the introductory selling price is $200.00 USD per set.

Single units can also be purchased additionally to achieve a perfect float for complete isolation.

They have been tested extensively under our own Reference 3A loudspeakers and many components of light and heavy weight variety; turntables, tube or solid state amplifiers, digital disc players, power line conditioners and even televisions and video projector providing markedly improved performance.


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