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New! Read a new review of the Copland CTA 506 Power Amplifier by Sound Stage Hi-Fi Magazine

Copland would like to anounce the sensational new: CTA506 Power Amplifier

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NEW! Read this great review of the COPLAND CDA 825 CD player from ULTRA AUDIO

Copland would like to anounce the sensational new: CDA 825 CD Player

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NOW AVAILABLE! Reference 3A Cable products: Designed and
manufactured using cryogenically treated, Teflon insulated
continuous-cast mono crystal solid-core conductors also used inside
our Reference 3A loudspeakers, we now introduce our new cable products.

The Reference 3a Dulcet speaker has been awarded
the 2007 Editor's Choice Award from The Absolute Sound Magazine

Reference 3a is proud to announce that the Grand Veena speaker has been
awarded the
2007 Editor's Choice Award from The Absolute Sound Magazine.

Harry Pearson says about the Grand Veena "Review to come. But let this be said
for the here and now: At about a tenth of the cost of its nearest sonic competitor,
this speaker is a stunning achievement and perfect for the not-too-well-heeled
music lover who doesn't live in a cathedral-sized space."
Divergent Technologies received two Absolute Sound Golden Ear 2000 Awards.
The first went to the superb
Reference 3A MM de Capo speakers. 


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Reference 3A MM de Capo i
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To read reviews on line of the Reference 3A de Capo i follow the links below:

"I could easily live with this," ...  "You'd have to be tied to your chair not to react to this,"... "For the second recording in a row, Reine put aside her notebook and simply listened." ... "You can hear that lineage with every note it plays."

"For "only" $2,500/pr these piano black minimonitors are the best value in their category in my opinion. Nothing I have heard over the past years comes close to being so harmonically right and offer great speed and detail."... "there is a great deal of rightness to the sound of instruments." ... "Here we have a modern day minimonitor classic."

New! reviews of the Antique Sound Lab MG SI-15 DT 
"lush warm midrange" ..."Noise on the 15DT is very low, in part due to the integrated design." ..."I was really quite pleased with the triode operation." ..."Class A and single-ended, which are two characteristics that tubophiles love. It's a bargain." ...


AUDIO XPRESS Volume32 #1
THE ABSOLUTE SOUND issue 132, Oct/Nov 2001.

Reviews of the Antique Sound Lab AQ1006 845 DT can be found in
The Inner Ear Report Volume13 #1

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