Powerful 30 class ‘A’ Watts per channel. Newly updated with extruded aluminum chassis and improved parts. Calibrated built in bias meter for convenient tube maintenance. Now, triode/pentode switch, 15 Watts per channel in pure triode mode. Volume remote control and line level out puts for subwoofers. Very good to drive medium efficiency loudspeaker. Warm, detailed and well controlled sound at an unbeatable price.

Now includes new remote control transmitter, tube cage and subwoofer out puts.

Output Power 30W x 2
Frequency responsible  at 1 W 24Hz - 40KHz
THD at 1W 1%
THD at full power 3%
Frequency responsible at full power 25Hz - 34KHz
S/N Ratio / Noise level mV 80 dB /1.5mV
S/N Ratio with A weighting 65 dB (1mV)
Input impedance 100K
Output Impedance 4,8,16 Ohm
Input sensitive 165mV
Power request 230W
Fuse  3A Slow blow
Power cord - Detachable /Fixed Detachable
Input Sockets RCA Gold Plate
Output Terminal Heavy duty  Gold Plate 5 ways speaker post
Chassis Finish Polished Steel
Front Panel Finish Silver anodized, brushed aluminum
Tube Complement EL34 x 4,12AU7 x 4
Dimension  W x D x H in in 15 x 12 x 9
Shipping Dimension W x D x H in mm 470 x 350 x 315
Net Weight /Kg 45lb

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